Drive 4 Wildlife

Originally created with, and for, Paradise Wildlife Park and the Motor-Vision Awards, Drive 4 Wildlife saw an anti-poaching 4×4 vehicle financed and taken to Africa to assist in the works of a well-known wildlife charity, Ol Pejeta, in Uganda.

This is the first time Ol Pejeta will have an animal ambulance / anti-poaching patrol vehicle, vital for their work and for the conservation of African Wildlife.

Sweetapple was fundamental to creation and running of the idea and we’re proud to have been the instigators of such an original and meaningful initiative, made possible thanks to the dedication of the teams at Paradise Wildlife Park and Motor-Vision. The Drive 4 Wildlife project also led directly to a TV series. Drive 4 Wildlife was featured as part of the CBBC show ‘One, ZOO, Three’ which includes footage of the Paradise Wildlife team – all brothers – delivering the Drive 4 Wildlife vehicle to Africa.

Drive 4 Wildlife     

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