The Filippo Berio Aria

Filippo Berio, Filippo Berio, Filippo Berio Olive Oil!

Filippo Berio has been the UK’s leading brand of olive oil for over 30 years. Sweetapple has worked with Filippo Berio UK and its parent company, Salov, since 2000.

As well as wanting to be recognised as a premium Italian brand, Filippo Berio faced the challenge that very few people knew their brand name, or could pronounce it! So, when approached to produce Filippo Berio’s first UK TV advertisement, Sweetapple created the brand’s now famous ‘Filippo Berio, Filippo Berio!’ TV ads for which we also wrote and recorded the music (with a little bit of help from ’The Barber of Seville’ by Rossini).

Now, over ten years later, the catchy ‘Filippo Berio Aria’ (with that little bit of help from Rossini) is now synonymous with the brand across the world. Here is the original TV ad from the UK.

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