A recent newsletter from leading audio services company, FX Group, reminded me of two old – but fondly remembered Sweetapple Pro Audio PR and marketing projects.

While working with FX – then FX Rentals – we made their iconic blue flight cases famous.

It was in these unique blue boxes that the Company’s pro audio equipment was delivered to musicians, bands,  music studios, film studios, concerts and more all over the UK. And so we put them centre stage in a series of ads (promoting the Company’s ’round the clock’ hire service) and, memorably, at the Pro Sound Live show where ‘Man in a Box’ aka Maynard Flip Flap stole the show dressed in his blue FX box!

We really enjoyed working with FX – in our time with them we looked after the pro audio company’s PR, marketing, design and advertising (before they brought everything in house!!) – and it’s great to see them now, 25 years old, and still thriving.