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So, my SEO expert, Magic Alex, said “You need to write a compelling, key word rich, blog about your Barnet PR Agency.”

Shouldn’t be that difficult because Sweetapple is very much a PR and creative marketing agency based in Barnet, Hertfordshire and we’re proud to look after a wide range of clients in Barnet, North London, Greater London and, in fact, far, far further afield. Because of course, these days,  where you’re based is less important than it was in the past. Quite apart for email communication, the digital world and social media have, obviously,transformed PR, marketing and the ways we talk to customers, and clients.

As long as you can meet occasionally (which is important to get to know each other as much as anything), the fact that we’re a PR agency, based in Barnet, has very little to do with our work – other than for our website SEO – because it seems, from a client point of view, searches for local PR and marketing agencies still makes sense.

Barnet – Some More Words

It’s easy to see the area Barnet as little more than a leafy suburb but this is just a disguise, Barnet is actually London’s second largest borough with over 331, 000 inhabitants. Behind the ‘sleepy village’ camouflage are the homes of true pioneers, inventors, architects, designers, and other influential members of society who are too modest to shout too loud. So it really should not come as a surprise to find one of the UK’s most effective creative PR agencies (with clients such as Barry M Cosmetics, Filippo Berio Olive Oil, the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire, Ciao Gusto and many more, both start up and established companies) based in the serene borough of Barnet.

Love a Local Barnet Agency

Obviously, for local Barnet and Finchley based businesses it makes complete sense to have a local agency. Clients want to know their agency has good local knowledge and understand the psyche and motivations of Barnet businesses and residents.  As far as local knowledge is concerned, in Barnet, it’s important to know websites and Facebook groups such as Love Barnet and local press such as the Barnet Times, Advertiser Series as well as ‘glossy’ publications such as Hertfordshire Life but, for bigger businesses, with national audiences, we could be based anywhere.

Sweetapple, Affordable, Real World PR

I sometimes dream of dividing my time between Barnet and a desert Island (with ultra fast broadband). Perhaps one day I will. Running a PR agency from a desert island would certainly have appeal but, if your looking for a Public Relations Agency based in Barnet, for the time being, here we are! and being in easy to find parking in Barnet means we are accessible, affordable, and convenient. The air is much cleaner too…


How’s that Alex? Should it be longer…