Barry M, Britain’s leading colour cosmetics brand as ALWAYS been Cruelty Free. However, with the horrific and growing threat of global wildlife extinction, and with Sweetapple’s help, the brand is  now committed to do more – namely, to provide vital funding for those working to protect animals and nature around the world.

The Barry M WILDLIFE ® range launched in 2019, and created with Sweetapple, will return at least 20% of net profits to charity, the first four products launched – Tiger, Snow Leopard, Pangolin and Rhino – raising money to support David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and their amazing work with these endangered species. To date the initiative has raised £20,000 for charity with that figure increasing daily.

As the WILDLIFE® brand grows, we hope to find more ways to develop the association between Barry M, its customers and the animal kingdom.

For more information about Barry M’s WILDLIFE ® range please visit:

www. BarryM.com/WILDLIFE

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